M&A Advisory – sell

An advanced M&A process for selling your business

Entrepreneurial exits can be viewed as a large “harvest” of one’s life’s labor. While the process can be an emotional roller coaster, it can also be a thrilling time as you finish one chapter and begin to think about the next. When it’s time to sell, having the appropriate counsel on your side is important to getting the most out of a firm that took a lifetime to establish.

We assist privately owned middle-market company owners/founders/CEOs with the selling of their firms. We assist our clients optimize value by establishing a rigorous technology-enhanced procedure across the different sectors and verticals we have transacted in. Whether you’re looking to sell to a family member, a partner/management buyout, a strategic/financial acquirer, or as part of a planned exit strategy, our expert advisors will work closely with you to achieve your objectives.

A business divestment should be a well-thought-out and planned process, which is why we invest time up front to truly understand your organization and motivation to sell. We get involved as early as possible in the process so that we can help you strategize and explore your transaction alternatives, whether it’s in 90 days or two years, we’ll be there to help when the time comes.

Our value-added Sell-Side M&A services imply that we take a holistic approach to supporting our customers in achieving their financial objectives, which comprises a thorough and technology-driven process that often includes:

  • Strategizing and advising on maximizing business value and market timing;
  • Formulating a high-level business valuation for internal discussions;
  • Creating executive summaries, pitch decks, or marketing materials as needed;
  • Developing a comprehensive prospect list for outreach;
  • Running broad process to present business opportunity to interested acquirers;
  • Managing, tracking, and reporting all communications with potential buyers;
  • Establishing virtual data room and overseeing the due diligence process;
  • Negotiating with buyers on structure, timing, pricing, and conditional terms; and
  • Facilitating interaction with third party advisors and closing of a transaction.

Our Deal Parameters

$10mm Revenue+
$3mm EBITDA+
All Industries & Verticals
Minority/Majority/100% Sales

Delivering Enhanced Value

Selling a business is frequently a strategic decision. Working with numerous stakeholders to verify the business is genuinely ready to be sold is a must. The selling of a firm is, and should be, a well-planned process in most situations. It should include the aid of insurance reps, attorneys, and tax and estate planners in addition to M&A advisors, broker dealers, and real estate brokers.

In essence, the sale of your company is a project management process. Start early in the process, speaking with all essential parties, including your investment banker, to ensure your success. By starting the process early, you can ensure that you are prepared in the event that a buyer arrives early, but you can also ensure that you have the correct moment when the market factors conspire to create a perfect storm. Most essential, there are a few key aspects of closing a business that must be ironed out before you begin.


Sell-Side M&A Fees

We provide clients with a simple fee-structure for selling their business

A regular monthly engagement charge is included in our active sell-side client engagements. We do not accept huge retainers or commitments up front. Smaller monthly payments guarantee that our goals are matched, and it holds us as investment bankers accountable to produce and maintain delivering.

The majority of our fees are based on performance. That is, we are compensated when a business transaction is completed. We take pride in designing fee arrangements that suit our objectives with our clients’. We work with our customers throughout the course of a company selling process to guarantee that maximum value is realized in the sale of the business.

During the engagement, the customer is liable for any pre-approved out-of-pocket expenses and third party expenses. Pre-approved travel, management meeting expenses, and so forth are examples.

How Our Process Delivers Value

  • When it's time to sell your company's assets, allowing you to focus on other things, there are a slew of details to consider that necessitate the assistance of a skilled specialist. Starting the procedure can be time-consuming and tedious, especially if you want to get the best potential return. Many privately held businesses have a special affinity with their owners and founders. Those who have assisted them in becoming what they are today are sometimes unaware of the emotional components of closing the sale. While passing the business on to the next generation can be a difficult and emotional process, it is necessary, we work with you to ensure you are able to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • In addition, there are often aspects to selling your business which could make the deal a bit more complicated. For instance, sometimes the deal could involve real estate or another type of account.
  • We are a middle-market financial advisory boutique that specializes in providing strategic advice and transaction services to business owners. We locate the perfect buyer for healthy, rapidly growing companies wanting a partner to offer size, whether you're looking for great results in a succession planning exit or finding strategic buyers for healthy, quickly developing companies seeking a partner to provide scale.
  • We provide presentation materials that accurately reflect the value of the item you've developed. For the strategic buyers we target, we find and convey the value creation possibilities. Then we return to the fundamentals. We're looking for a lot of strategic and financial buyers. As the process progresses, we have numerous bidders competing for our business. This buyer rivalry results in the highest and greatest value available on the market.

Expert M&A Support

From the first meeting until the final liquid divestment, our staff is entirely committed to our clients. Our significant experience assisting sell-side customers has enabled us to establish unique but proven strategies for increasing a company’s worth.

This involves enlisting the help of our team of specialists in finance, accounting, sales, marketing, and operations to undertake a comprehensive examination of your company. We then actively seek for multiple bidders with whom we engage in a competitive bidding process in order to maximize your profit.

We’ll work closely with you to negotiate a successful transaction while maintaining your privacy at all times. Our goal is to secure a successful sale while also assisting our clients in getting the most out of their business.

The terms and conditions of a business sale differ from one person to the next. Whether your primary goal is to sell to a buyer who will uphold your values or to produce the greatest potential results for shareholders, will use our extensive resources to find the optimal buyer for your transition and will work closely with you to close the sale.

Not sure if it’s the right time to sell? We also offer support and guidance – built on factual data and analysis – to help you determine the best time for you to exit your company.